The South County Dublin Coastline has always been very popular with Dublin people. There are many stops along the coast that remind us all of our childhood, whether that’stopping at Teddy’s for an ice cream or walking out the Dun Laoghaire pier, or further along the coast to the 40 foot bathing place or further a field.

We took a trip out to the South County Dublin coastline in the hope of some nice evening light. Irish winter light can be a drab grey affair or a sparkle of pinks and reds and azure blues. We were hoping for the later of course.

After a stroll and a shower at Sandymount Martello Tower we headed further south, as the light was breaking. Arriving at Dalkey, the light sprinkled across the Island, while a flock of Cormorants took turns diving for supper. Setting up the cameras on the tripods we knew there were a few shots to be got this evening.

We headed for the Vico bathing place at hawk cliff¬† on Vico road and met with the brave February swimmers who shared stories of meeting a couple of porpoises just off The Ramps . The Vico was absolutely stunning and we got to work among the swimmers and those just down to chill and enjoy the fine evening. Light took on pink hues and Vico Terrace was bathed in golden evening light. The sea waves broke over the rocks of the seawater swimming pool creating beautiful swirls and misty long exposures in camera. “Sure you could be in the South of France” a hardy swimmer shouted to his pal. While we all nodded and felt a pride in the comparison, there is nowhere as full of warm hearted banter as an Irish outdoor bathing place.

Perhaps its the icy cold waters that bond or perhaps the salty sea air. I know one thing is for sure, Nua Photographers always get their very best photographs of Dublin on it’s beautiful coastline, both north and south of the county.

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