We get a real pleasure seeing our photographs in print. Don’t get me wrong, the joy of backlit landscape photographs of Ireland on a desktop or laptop can be a very vivid and colourful experience. But it is something of a temporary experience, our screensavers disappear at the click of a mouse as we move on to more pressing tasks. Most of our photographs gets stored on external hard drives and in cloud based storage and so are not enjoyed on a continual basis.

With so many images bombarding us daily while we take a trip through our social media, we become immune to the ever more stunning visuals on screen. We no longer thumb through those big coffee table tomes or the National Geographic magazines piled high in the dentists or doctors waiting rooms. Instead we scroll our phones with a steady rhythm, breaking now and again to like and then forget or struggle to ever find again.

The real pleasure of seeing  photographs in print is when you can physically step back and connect with that image. Your eye is drawn into that scene, by the curl of a wave, the twinkle of a star, or maybe a ripple in the sand. Taking time to enjoy the scene it’s calmness or drama, or to wonder at the nature around us, this is what a printed photograph is all about. This is when we really start to appreciate photography as an artistic medium.

We started printing photographs to fit in 20x16ins frames a number of years ago and the feedback was very positive with steady ordering. We got brave and printed bigger and oh the joy! We now print in a variety of sizes and finishes and can recommend what finish works best for the space where the photographs will hang. Sometimes greater impact can be had with a really large canvas rather than a grouping of prints. Sometimes non reflective glass is an absolute must, especially in very bright areas. Sometimes a small print in a tiny alcove brings joy and warmth to a little corner. We are always here to pass on recommendations, sometimes a slick minimalist style frame is perfect for your space, other times a richer approach to framing brings more warmth to and drama to you room.

We want our customers to enjoy our work to the full, whether it’s a small print or a large 4ft x 3ft print, we are always happy to show you different finishes and suggest the many modern options for hanging fine art photography on your walls. We have supplied photographs framed to suit a number of interiors including Public spaces , bars and restaurants. We are always happy to work with interior designers showing them a full range surface finishes to bring out texture and mood to an interior.

On our extra large prints we have a strict limit of 5 prints only. This reassures our buyers that their purchases will hold value and retain an exclusivity. We also, only ever use archival inks and archival photographic stock, carrying a 100 year plus colour guarantee. We are picky when it comes to finishes and frames, after all we have braved all kinds of elements to capture the photographs and so it’s important that we follow through and make our work the best it can be.  You can visit  Our Limited Edition Collection