Skerries attracts many weekend visitors. With its strong Rugby and sailing traditions in the town, means a great selection of visitors come into the town to cheer on a regatta or a match. Musically Skerries also attracts visitors for the weekend long Trad Music festival held every year. However the coastline of Skerries is probably its biggest draw. Skerries has a number of fine swimming areas and also has the attractive vistas, of its Islands, St. Patrick’s Island, Colt Island and Shennick Island to woo the visitor and local alike.

One of Skerries most famous visitors St Patrick had a monastery on the Island named after him, he also had a goat for milk which he brought with him from County Wicklow. The story goes that while St Patrick was converting the locals a number of others managed to rob his goat and cook a fine feast with him as the main course, and so came the Skerries association with goats! but that’s another story.

Skerries has an attractive outlook from the Captains swimming place, a good reason for Nua photography photographers to visit regularly for sunrise and sunset. Late winter sunrises are always a joy when the sun breaks through, it is also a nice social time along Red Island, as it’s a regular haunt for walkers and joggers, first thing in the morning.

The above photograph of Skerries was shot at winter time on one of those glorious mornings when the sun and the sea just gleam at golden hour.  Our Skerries sunrise and sunset photographs are for sale and are regularly sought out as house warming gifts for Skerries people and also for presentations and gifts. We have a great selection of Skerries prints in a number of sizes . We take orders for prints up to 30×40 inches which make a stunning addition to a feature wall or foyer.

Our Skerries gallery is here , we are also delighted to capture your favourite piece of Skerries just contact us.