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Rush Co. Dublin Ireland is situated to the North of Dublin city and is a coastal town with two beaches a north and a south beach. Our gallery of images of Rush and North County Dublin is extensive with only a small amount of photographs online at any one time. We can quite easily supply local pictures of Rush and North County Dublin as fine art prints and are very happy to upload more images if requested.

Our photographs can be purchased as gifts and can be ordered ready to hang for locals and local business premises etc. Rush is a wonderful place for colourful skies at sunrise, we are lucky to have the Private Island of Lambay Island  five miles off our shore which adds great visual interest in many of our photographs. Another big plus for us as landscape photographers, is the rich rock formations. Between Rush and skerries we have one of the best continuous successions of Lower Carboniferous rocks in Ireland and Britain, this along with golden sands makes for a great variety of options for us shooting local seascapes.

We have been lucky that Rush Co. Dublin is the capital of market gardening in Ireland. This has given us opportunity to shoot fields of Daffodils grown for the fruit and flower market in Dublin city, every spring  we come upon fields of tulips for the bulb market. The best of the bulb fields run their drills towards the sea creating beautiful leading lines, an absolute gift for photographers, and a sight which many locals have wanted upon their walls.

With two harbours there’s always something of interest to take pictures of in Rush, the private harbour in Rogerstown serves the Island of lambay, this harbour is set close to Rush Sailing club and so we have pleasure cruisers in the calm of the estuary for glistening sunsets. The Rush harbour at low or high tide demands to be photographed at sunset. We are lucky to have beautiful views from the Rush harbour at sunset throughout the year. With its glistening granite cobbles and characterful fishing boats we photograph around this area with great regularity.

You are welcome to view the latest editions to our Gallery of Rush Photographs