Lough Key Forest Park has to be the one of the loveliest highlights of our inland counties in Ireland. In the 12th century the lake was called Lough Ce and was ruled by the McDermott clan. They had a castle on an Island on the lough now called Castle Island which must have offered excellent protection from raiders.

There is always a good buzz in Lough Key Forest Park with the Shannon river boating community visiting the lake and mooring over night. There is also a busy campsite during the summer season which adds a family friendly vibe. If you have a head for heights a tree canopy walk is open to all the family, rising to nine meters for nice views across the lake, with a great selection of broad leaf trees.

We have visited Lough Key Forest Park which lies just outside Boyle town in the past, however this visit, it was looking it’s very best, as the sun was setting over the water, giving a magical glow. This was a perfect opportunity for getting some drone footage as the lake was very quiet and of course some photographs for our Roscommon photo gallery.

With just the lapping of water and calls from the local bird life it seemed ideal for a very peaceful sunset photo shoot.
Of course we were quickly spotted by the local midge populations who took great pleasure in disturbing the calm and feasting on a couple of Dub’s.

McDermott’s castle, on Castle Island in Lough Key Forest park left a lasting impression on Nua photographers both in mind and in tiny bites and bumps.


Photographs of our evening at Lough key Forest Park are in this Gallery of Roscommon photographs