Nua Photographers took a trip down to Waterford’s Copper Coast. We have previously gotten pretty breathtaking sunrise photographs on this coastline and had hoped to repeat the experience, while adding new vistas to our growing portfolio of seascapes of Ireland.

December offers nicely positioned sunrises and sunsets on the Waterford coast, the late sunrise allowing us to reach the coast from Dublin without driving through the night. Leaving Dublin the dark skies twinkled down and we were already congratulating ourselves on having picked such a fine morning. Heading south actually meant heading into billowing clouds and a grumbling stomach of fellow photographer Stephen White who was traveling south with us. The clouds followed us and were awaiting us, on Kilfarassy Beach. Red clouds gathered for a short time and a tiny crack of morning light shot across the skies. Appetite whetted for a tasty Bla and coffee for breakfast, we laid out our maps and plotted our route for the day.

The rock formations in the coves and on the beaches of the Copper coast in Waterford are perfect for cloudy days and so we made very good use of our Lee filters to work a little bit of long exposure magic. During the day we got to talking about the value of cloud cover with cracking light and it was at this point I realised our best images happen in this scenario repeatedly.

So what is the recipe for The finest Irish landscape photograph ?


1 Darkened dramatic sky

A bracing sea breeze coming in off the coast

Promising breaks in billowing clouds

Sunlight placed lowly

Strong composition of large Rocks

Add a good eye, determination and patience +1 early start

Stir in a beautiful piece of Irish coastline.

Cook in lightroom and print at 20x30inches onto beautiful archival paper.

Or you could just leave all of that to us, and sit back and enjoy the end result.

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