Dunluce Castle has presence whether you stand and gaze across at its size and majesty or whether you climb down to the Atlantic shore and have it tower above you.

Built by the descendants of Scottish mercenaries  Mc Quillans and taken  by force by the Mc Donnells  in the 1500s it’s a forbidding place as the light of day starts to fade.
Nua Photography arrived as light was fading to capture a sunset which never really happened. Instead there unfolded a drama of moving clouds and locals talking of Banshees and Ghosts and discussions about all kinds of goings on down through it’s history.

Antrim has many scenic places for the landscape photographer but few hold the imagination quite like Dunluce Castle,where the seagulls squeal like banshees and the scurrying of the odd rat in the long grasses makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

This picture of the Dunluce Castle standing darkly on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean close to the Giants causeway with it’s moving cloud and Black lava rock captures the mood of the place very well. It’s not hard to imagine a gallows stood alongside this castle or that the captain who was hung from its towers has never rested but haunts the fortress along with Maeve Roe who drowned eloping with her lover.

Whether you visit to ghost hunt or study the turbulent history of Dunluce Castle or visit the Game of Thrones  house of Greyjoy clamber down the slope to the shore and immerse yourself in its great atmosphere. Nua Photography revisit some incredible locations in Ireland to capture a different mood. Without a doubt this visit to Dunluce Castle brought out the imagination of our photographers, and also brought us new angles to shoot the castle.

It’s not hard to see how this outcrop of Basalt has won the attention of many down through the years. There have been rumours that CS Lewis passed this way as a Belfast native and may have been inspired while writing The Chronicles of Narnia.

But Dunluce Castle doesn’t need to name drop, it has all the goth, the ghosts and the glorious dark side most castles would give a left turret for