Dublin landmarks unlike many cities are spread far and wide in Dublin city. From the hellfire club in the Dublin mountains to the forty foot swimming place on the south coast, so it’s hard to pick our most treasured landmarks.

We in Dublin, tend to have more regard for humble structures and buildings, we almost attach more sentimentality to Leo Burdock’s Fish and chip shop than to our City hall! The Poolbeg chimneys on the way out to the Great South wall, is a special Dublin landmark, for most Dub’s. This fondness for industrial eyesores might seem odd to our visitors, until they discover our landmarks often acquire humorous nicknames.

However our most popular Landmark in Dublin has to be the Ha’penny Bridge, spanning the green watered Liffey, it’s metal lovelyness is at the very heart of our city. In recent years the Ha’penny Bridge celebrated it’s 200th birthday. While there are many photographs of the Ha’penny bridge in daylight, it is the Photographs of the Ha’penny bridge at night that capture our heart.

Shot at dusk this photograph of Dublin’s ha’penny Bridge with it’s lamps lit and the glow from Merchants Arch beckoning us to cross into the nightlife of Templebar.  Dublin images here