The scenic areas of Portrane and Donabate sit on a peninsula with Rogerstown Estuary famed for it’s wildlife to the north and Swords Estuary to its south. From the coastline, views to Lambay Island, Howth head and Ireland’s Eye populate the horizon. This is a very attractive area for seascape photography owing to a number of factors. Tower Bay is a small beach with nice rock formations, it is framed by Portrane Martello Tower, a lovely focal point, and the cliff walk which looks out to Lambay Island where the light is ever changing. This has great appeal for Nua photographers, as having an interesting foreground is always a plus and Lambay island gives it a real sense of place. On a day when there is a sea swell, it is hard to believe just how close we are to Dublin City the area is so pristine.

While a lot of the charm of the area is along the well used Donabate beach and the Portrane and Donabate cliff walk, the Burrow area of Portrane is a step back in time, with chalets tucked behind sand banks and swaths of maram grass, and the cries of the sea birds on the Rogerstown Estuary.

Donabate and Portrane are in the middle of expansion with new housing and a new road, as landscape photographers who adore to shoot the beauty of this peninsula, we are holding our breath and hoping that the local charm is well preserved for all to enjoy. We are always on the lookout for a new vista and different angle in the Fingal area to add to our fine art print collection. We are delighted to say Donabate and Portrane never disappoints. We have a gallery of photographs which can be printed in a selection of finishes with a contemporary feel, which will bring a real feel of the area to any wall. Have a look at some of our imagesĀ here

The lovely rock formations along the shoreline to the Portrane martello tower

The lovely rock formations along the shoreline to the Portrane martello tower

Looking out from the Donabate and portrane cliff path

Looking out from the Donabate and Portrane cliff path