On many occasions we have travelled to Co. Clare, it is an amazing county on the West Coast of Ireland. County Clare is home to the world famous Cliffs of Moher they are spectacular and are part of the Wild Atlantic way. We have many beautiful photographs of the Cliff of Moher for sale in our Clare collection of Photographs.

An evening visit for a sunset along the cliffs is always eventful for Nua Photographers, we have had the heavens spill it’s guts down upon us and have feared for our equipment in waterproof bags, the rain has been so heavy. We have also seen the wind whip up from a stillness that would scare the living daylights from you, where by you quickly pack up and flee along the cliff paths. The Cliffs of Moher are never mundane, never ever boring and we always come back with a story, if not beautiful photographs of The Cliffs of Moher for sale.

The most memorable evening would have to be when the heavy rains came as the Sunsetting time approached and most tourists quickly slopped through the sticky mud underfoot to take refuge in their cars. We stayed. We donned the raincoats and waited for the downpour to subside and crossed ourselves when the sun glow appeared like a Godly figure through the mists. A pair of tourists came stumbling along out through the mists absolutely bewildered at the volume of mud and rain and the demise of their brand new trainers. They stopped for a chat and to admire the beautiful mists and had a good laugh about their experience and lack of preparedness. Not something they will quickly forget.

Another great spot that always is a winner for us has to be Hags head at the Southern end of the Cliffs in the Liscannor and Lahinch direction. Hags head is a quieter part of the cliffs but is home to some amazing rock formations and views out over the Atlantic ocean. Lahinch is no secret here in Ireland it has to be one of the Surfers paradises in the world and many have settled in the town. The surfing community of Lahinch are a hardy bunch and we have enjoyed capturing them doing what they love.

Loophead which is along the Southern Tip of County Clare maybe be overshadowed by the popularity of The Cliffs of Moher however the Cliffs of Loop head and Bridges of Ross are spectacular, along with the Cliff walks on both sides Of Kilkee Town and very little mud in sight!. We have a selection of photographs of the Loop Head area also for sale which are ready for framing

While the Clare coastline is the envy of many a county they are also blessed with the Burren National park, which has some amazing slabs of Limestone flags which cover miles of their Landscape and the cracks between the slabs are home to plants unique to the region. We have some stunning photographs of the Burren area and the Poulnabroun Dolmen for sale and can ship our photographs worldwide from Ireland. We also offer a print service in Canada, United States and Australia which has been a godsend for shipping quickly. To view our growing collection of Co Clare Ireland photographs ready to buy check out the link here  Clare photographs